Official Hiatus

So yet again things didn’t turn out the way I had hoped.  I am going to school now as well as working part time so my free time is quite limited.  One of my favorite MMORPGs got re-released in the beginning of the year in English by another publisher after a previous North American publisher went under last year and for those of you who play MMOs, you know how much of a time suck it can be, especially when you have a guild or group of friends that play actively.  I hardly even play any console or non-online multiplayer PC games anymore because that is where most of what little free time I have goes.  That being said I will be (finally) officially putting this blog on hiatus.  I did the same some time ago with another translation blog I have and concerning both that one and this one here, the chances of me starting it up again are slim.  Sorry everyone. 😦


P.S. If anyone plays Lucent Heart or Diablo III, let me know!


3 year late update

Wow, it looks like the videos I posted for the Tsuki no Hikari walkthroughs don’t even show up here anymore.  I’m going to have to find another place to upload them when I finally start doing them again.

Anyways, hi!  Goodness, it’s been almost 3 years exactly since I last posted on here.  Things haven’t changed much except now my time is either spent at work or my MMO habit.  As much as I’d love to jump back into this, this month has been surprisingly busy compared to the last several months/years.  I went to Anime Expo at the beginning of the month (where I procured a Korean otome game which I’d love to post about here!) and now my cousin from Germany is visiting for two weeks so I’ll have to spend time with him when I’m not at work.

But I will force myself to ease back into this by (first finding and) installing Tsuki no Hikari, Taiyou no Kage and hopefully install a new theme for this blog.  I’d also like to do playthroughs/walkthroughs of other games I own such as Tokimeki Memorial and Hakuouki as well as other PC games that I downloaded a long time ago and never got around to, as well as share pictures and scans of magazines and books I have and will get in the future.

Here goes nothing!


EDIT: Just kidding!  The videos work now that I’ve put a new theme!


Due to lack of comments, I have gradually lost interest in continuing my current project.  Therefore I am announcing an indefinite hiatus.  I may suddenly feel like continuing really soon, or it may take months before I feel like coming back here.  If enough interest is generated, however, I will happily return and continue to provide the Tsuki no Hikari walkthrough videos for those who want to play or watch.